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We limit the number of owners involved in each horse, in order to keep ownership with us as personal as possible – about 10-20 people per syndicate.
The contract usually runs for a minimum of 12 months
The purchase price includes the purchase price of the horse, sales commission, agents commission, VAT, vetting at the sales, transportation to the horses’ trainer and other miscellaneous expenses associated with the cost of purchasing.
The training fees cover all associated costs with the training and preparing of the horse for raceday. The training fees are paid immediately upon purchase of the share. You can choose to pay the 12 months training fees upfront which is preferred or you can pay them every 3 months upfront.
Ownership to the full value of your percentage share in your chosen racehorse, including your % of all prizemoney and free entry to the racecourse when your horse runs. You also have the opportunity to visit your horse at the stables with your family and friends and these visits must be organised through the syndicate manager.
There are no additional fees except in unforeseen circumstances which have not been budgeted for. Examples include colic or wind surgery and the shareholder is liable for such costs if they occurred.
When you purchase a share, the syndicate agreement will state whether the horse is insured or not. If the horse is not insured and you would like to insure your share, we can assist you with that.
We do welcome opinion from each syndicate member via our whatsapp groups regarding your horses’ racing plans with your syndicate manager. Ultimately the trainer and syndicate manager make the final decision with regards to race planning.
Every shareholder can visit the stables and view their horse with their family and friends at any time and this must be organised through the syndicate manager in advance of the visit.
The well being of the horse will be of paramount importance and the strategy for the management and racing of the horse shall always be subject to the advice of the trainer. So ultimately it depends on the individual horse how often he/she runs. Some horses thrive on racing and others appreciate some time between starts.
Owners and trainers tickets are not guaranteed every time your horse races as these tickets are limited on big race days.
Yes. We will endeavour to try and accommodate you with any extra tickets you may need for your family and friends. The raceday ownership experience is very special and there is no better feeling than having a winner and celebrating it with your family and friends on the racecourse.
Yes we will do our best to make your gift special.
The syndicate manager is your first point of contact regarding your horse. During the racing season, you will receive updates via whatsapp in respect of your horses’ progress, race plans, entries, declarations and jockey bookings. Every time your horse is declared to run, you will receive a race preview and review afterwards, once the syndicate manager has the race report from the trainer. We will also send you photographs and videos of your horse when available.
At the end of the 12 month contract, a decision is made among each of the shareholders and each one has a vote according to their % shareholding in the horse. There must be at least 80% agreement if the contract is to be extended for a further period of 6 or 12 months, otherwise the horse is entered in the first available public auction to be sold without reserve.
We have a great record of buying horses well and selling them at the right time, earning a maximum return for the syndicate. If a private offer for the horse is made before the contract ends, 80% of the shareholders must agree to sell the horse in order for the sale to happen. If the horse is sold, you will receive your % of the selling price according to your % shareholding in the horse less any applicable standard industry commissions that fall due.
You will receive the % share of the prize money according to your % shareholding in the horse. Prize money dividend is distributed at the end of each 12 month contract or when the horse is sold.
Yes. Any trophy won shall be the property of the syndicate and will be raffled amongst shareholders with any shareholder obtaining a trophy from any previous draw being ineligible from the next draw until all shareholders have obtained a trophy.
We use the respected ‘Horses-In-Training’ sales held throughout the year at the main sales houses in the UK (Tattersalls and Goffs) when our horses come to the end of their racing career with us. For those who retire from racing all together, we have many respected ‘Retraining of Racehorses’ contacts to ensure these horses find a new caring home and enjoy their new life after racing.

We are aligned with the HRI’s rules and regulations on syndicate management
We have owners who live all over the world, so all are welcome